These kinetic sculptures move in response to ambient air currents - the breeze from an open window, warm air rising, sunlight heating the elements or even someone blowing or fanning them. The movements can be quite slow allowing infinite combinations of shapes and colour reflections to appear.

The elements perform a kind of dance each one passing through or gently nudging the next one sending it turning in the opposite direction. 

The sculptures are made in two materials, Perspex® acrylic or Colorplan® card.

The Perspex® finishes each behave slightly differently, solid colours are reflective, frosted colours can almost disappear, the transparent and fluorescent colours will throw coloured reflections and shadows around the space they inhabit. These colours are enhanced by the addition of one Two Way Mirror element, which appears both transparent and highly reflective depending on how the light hits it. 

Colorplan® card has been duplexed (two different colours combined to make a two-sided card) in two colour-ways, Orange with White, Blue with Black and Silver Mirror Card.

The Colorplan® card elements are combined with elements made from Mirri mirror card.

All the component parts used are appropriate for their purpose regarding weight strain and longevity and are recyclable where possible.

However please bear in mind that Perspex® can be brittle if dropped from a height and will very likely break.

Colorplan card is a natural material and will be damaged by getting wet.

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