Colorplan® Card

Colorplan® is made by G.F. Smith a family run business dating back to 1885 making the best quality coloured card in Britain. The range of colours is wide and unusual. The Extract range is made from recycled  coffee cups. As well as being fully recyclable and biodegradable, Colorplan is FSC certified, meaning that it is made with, or contains, pulp from well-managed forests. It is also Heavy Metal Free and because the bleaching process avoids the use of harmful chlorine, it is classified ECF.


Perspex®  is the registered trademark for cast and extruded acrylic made by Lucite International.  It is guaranteed for 10 years but we have samples that are still as bright and strong that are more than 30 years old.


Mirri Card

Mirri card is a metallised polyester-backed card. Mirri H continues to lead the way where brightness and high reflectivity are required. Manufactured using an exceptionally high quality film, the brightness of the metallised surface provides a mirror finish which is enhanced by the smoothness of the cast-coated board to which it is laminated.